Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby legs: Not just for girls!

Baby legs are great for girls because they can wear them with dresses instead of tights,
and it makes changing diapers MUCH easier.
You know why they're great for boys?
They make changing diapers MUCH easier...
In place of pants.

These may just be my favorite things to make now.
They literally take 5 minutes total.
It's wonderful.

Why spend big $$$ when you can make them yourself?
Buy cheap socks or use some you don't wear!
(Knee socks, that is.)

I've seen various tutorials for these over time, but they're basically all the same.
I used this tutorial when I made Levi's.
It got the job done.

He loves them!
And I love making them.
Gotta find some cheaper socks though.
I forked out a whole $2 for those bad boys...
And while that's not much...
...I'm cheap.

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