Monday, April 26, 2010

Tutorial: Shirt Resize - smaller!

This is my first tutorial EVER.
I apologize in advance for any confusion.
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask so I can clear them up!

(I take such terrible pictures. Remind me to work on that.)
This was my FREE jersey.
Size? XL.
Oh boy.

I'm really little...
XL does not work for me in ANY way.
So, I needed to make this jersey smaller.
(I got two, so I wasn't worried about any mistakes... if you're worried about mistakes, I suggest you do the same.)

First, put your shirt on an pin it to your fit.
Make sure you pin it a little looser than you'd like the end result, because you'll need seam allowance.

This is my shirt, pinned, after I took it off.

Take apart your seams: side seams and sleeves...
Leave your shoulder seams intact, less work for you later.
(If your shirt has no side seams, like a T-shirt, then cut straight down the sides.)
Transfer pins to each separate side, so that the fabric isn't pinned together but that the pins are just place markers.

Cut to the outside of your pins.
You want to make sure you have enough seam allowance without making your shirt too small.
You can always go smaller, but you can't add fabric very easily.

DO NOT cut your sleeve holes the same size as the previous ones, you'll regret it.
Instead, lay your new cut sleeve next to your shirt and cut new holes that are the same size as your sleeve, like this.

The next few steps I forgot to take pictures of. Forgive me?
Once all of your pieces are cut, lay your body pieces right sides together and sew down the side seams (but not the holes for the sleeves!).
Sew down the side of the sleeves.
Then turn the sleeves right side out, and keep the bodice of the shirt inside out.
Line up the bottom seam of your sleeve with the side seam of your shirt.
(The sleeve should be inside the shirt)
Pin and sew.

To hem the bottom, I took the easy way out.
I pinned to the height I wanted, and then zig zag stitched across the raw edge.
This is the lazy way, but it works.
Even with fabric that ravels.
Remember to cut with extra length so that your shirt doesn't end up smaller than you'd like.

Here is my end result!

However, my first sleeve opening was larger than my sleeve, so I have this funny little tuck in my shoulder.
It doesn't bother me, but just make sure your sleeve and the opening are the same size.


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Wow! You did a good job!